Krishna Sri Krishna's Private Gallery

The Supreme Lord, the embodiment of truth,
consciousness, and joy is known as Krishna,
or Govinda He is beginningless, the origin
of everything He is the cause of all causes.

Brahma Samhita 5.1

Krishna is God Himself It is clearly stated in the ancient scriptures : Krishnas tu bhagavan svayam- Srimad Bhagavatam1.3.27 - He is not merely a portion or manifestation of God. He is the Original Manifestor, the Complete Godhead. He displayed on earth His eternal lila , or incomparable spiritual activities, approximately 5000 years ago. Krishna engages in this activities eternally but manifested them on our planet only at that time. Krishna s appearance underscores the superiority of love over power, sweetness over opulence. While most concepts of God evoke feelings of owe and reverence, Krishna evokes intimacy and personal relationship.

We need to speak especially about that Blackish-blue Boy who has nine signs on the bottom of His feet. He wears beautiful ankle bells, a gorgeous effulgent bright yellow dhoti, a green sash, a jewelled waist belt with tinkling bells. He has three folds in is broad waist and a deep navel. He has soft baby-like hairs so fine on His belly. He has a broad chest with a golden hair on the left side and a silver Srivats on he right. He wears a pearl necklace hanging to His waist, a kaustubha gem, a jewelled locket with a picture of Radharani. He has strong arms that beautify His ornate intricately jewelled armlets and bracelets. He has 10 full bright-moon fingernails and moon-like toenails. He wears five rings on His left hand and 2 on His right. He has three lines around His conch shell-like neck, a dimple in His chin, small round jasmine bud-like teeth bimba-red lips, shark-like earrings that reflect brilliant light from His sapphire-like cheeks. His high, turned-up nose has a gold and jewel inlayed pearl at the tip. His lotus eyes extend to His ears and constantly move here and there, they re reddish like copper and are hooded by His snake-like eyebrows. A precisely made half-moon sandalwood paste tilak sits between His eyebrows and decorates His broad forehead. His beautiful moon-like lotus face is sweetly framed by curly locks of cobalt blue hair falling in unlimited waves. His turban is laced with gunja berries and strands of jewels and has a peacock feather leaning gently to the left. Now just meditate ever so deeply with mind fully absorbed in concentrated attention on His beautiful sweet smile!

Sri Krishna's 64 Transcendental Qualities

Srila Rupa Goswami, after consulting various scriptures, has enumerated the 64 transcendental qualities of the Lord as follows:

1. beautiful features of the entire body
  2. marked with all auspicious characteristics
  3. extremely pleasing
  4. effulgent; 5. strong
  6. ever youthful
  7. wonderful linguist
  8. truthful
  9. talks pleasingly
10. fluent
11. highly learned
12. highly intelligent;
13. a genius
14. artistic
15. extremely clever
16. expert
17. grateful
18. firmly determined
19. an expert judge of time and circumstance
20. sees and speaks on the authority of Vedas, or scriptures
21. pure
22. self-controlled
23. steadfast
24. forbearing
25. forgiving
26. grave
27. self-satisfied
28. possess equilibrium
29. magnanimous
30. religious
31. heroic
32. compassionate
33. respectful
34. gentle
35. liberal
36. shy
37. the protector of the surrendered souls
38. happy
39. the well-wisher of the devotees
40. controlled by love
41. all-auspicious
42. most powerful
43. all-famous
44. popular
45. partial to devotees
46. very attractive to all women
47. all-worshipable
48. all-opulent
49. all-honorable
50. the supreme controller
51. changeless
52. all-cognizant
53. ever fresh
54. possessing an eternal blissful body
55. possessing all
56. has inconceivable potencies
57 uncountable universes generate from His body
58. He is the original source of all incarnations
59. He is the giver of salvation to the enemies whom He kills
60. He is the attractor of liberated souls
61. He is the performer of wonderful varieties of pastimes (especially His childhood pastimes)
62. Devotees endowed with wonderful love of Godhead, surround Him
63. He can attract all living entities all over the universes by playing on His flute
64. He has a wonderful excellence of beauty, which cannot be found anywhere in the creation.


Srimati Radharani is always to be found with Sri Krsna, and Madhava is always to be seen with Radhika.


One is never without the other's company!




Radha & Krishna