Rade – name, Radost – Joy, Radi – affection, Radeya – love …


S-Krishna – hidden, Krushna – tricky, Krushna – enchanting…



Since time immemorial people of different times & civilisations based their languages on the names of God and the oldest Vedic literature, written in Sanskrit. This few words mentioned above are just one example. They are derived directly from the Names of God – Radha-Krishna and are used broadly by the Bulgarians ,one of the most ancient nations in Europe


Yes, remnants of the original Vedic culture can be found on the earth..To see a part of this discoveries you need only to click on “World Vedic Heritage” in “History” session…But remember: 

As the mirror displays colours and form taken from original,  

so the language reflects the consciousness of the speaker and always clearly shows his ultimate source…


Someone may ask – why we selected Bulgarian language along with English…The answer is simple - because the link with the Sanskrit mother language is most obvious. Hundreds of words even now a day remained with almost the same phonetic forms and meanings. Even more intriguing is that Bulgarian alphabet is composed in a similar way as in Sanskrit…


Song for Krishna from one of the most
ancient books in Europe - Veda Slovena


                                      The key…


Original Bulgarian alphabet has 22 letters, and which one of them is a key to a word. For example :…on a third position is the letter‘V’, behind which stays the word ‘Veda’-knowledge.  Fifteenth is the letter ‘O’, revealing ‘Om’-God. And the last is ‘Hara’, which the Bulgarians understood as their ancestors did. ’Hara’ means spiritual energy, enlightenment , coming into the light, closest to The Lord and ultimately - the highest perfection


So letters lead to a words. Words combined together make seven sentences. And amazingly enough sentences reveal the message!

It was told to the students in every preliminary school up to the Second World War. Later neglected from the new reformatory educational system. For those who are eager to know we apply this message in his original phonetic form in ancient Bulgarian language, with roman transliteration and translation in English.





As Buki Vedi…Glagoli Dobro Est…

Jivee Cielo Zemya…Ije Kako Lyudi Mislite…

Nas Om Pokoi… Race Slovo Tvardo…Uk Fert Hara!


Thous who study the Vedas, they do the best indeed…

And glorious is their life on this earth. Listen, o, people…  

Om is our only shelter! Apply this wisdom in your daily life. And come into the Light! 


Next we offer you 500 examples, giving one more clear evidence that in the past we belonged to one family, one original culture, and many nations, who came in Europe  from east were part of the most ancient, highly spiritual Arian-Vedic civilisation. This is our offsite dictionary. First column- Sanskrit, second - Bulgarian, third – English translation, occasional  reference to Latin/lat/, Gothic/Got/ and Old Slovenian /Sl/.


                            …Have a look below…



         Small Sanskrit-Bulgarian-English Dictionary


Note:  Following the tradition we placed the first 40 most prominent words, which are of explicit importance for any human society, in a specific order in the very beginning Next the numbers up to 10 are listed and then all words follow the standard pattern…



Sanskrit                       Bulgarian                   English…….


Om, A-u-m              Om, On, Aumen           He, The Lord, Omen

Om Tat Sat                       On Tot Svyatii                      Omnipresent, Omnipotent                                                                                                                                                 

Visnu Bhog                   Visnu Boga                        Omniscient, Omnivorous  

Bhagadatta                Blagodaten                   All-auspicious

Raya, Arko,               Rayo, Yarko                Royal, Arc, Shiny,

Savitur, Surya           Svetilo, Surva              Source- names of the sun

Asam                         As sam                         I am, essence

Veda                          Veda,-om                     Knowledge,-able

Vidya                         Vidya                           Vision, Video/lat/      

Deva                          Deva, Diven                 Divine, Divinus/lat/

Raja-risi                     Rihi                              King, Regius/lat/

Ma, mata                   Ma, Mater                     Ma, mother, Mater

Pitri, Pati                   Patri-arch                      Father, Pater/lat/

Bhratri                       Brat                               Brother, Frater/lat/

Svastrta                      Sestra                            Sister

Striina                        Strina                            Woman

Svakiya                      Svakya                          Relatives 

Sun                             Sin                                Son

Duhitra                       Dasterya                       Daughter

Dhama                        Dama, Doma                Dome, Domus

Kastha                        Kasta                            House, Abode

Sveta                          Sveti                             Shining                           

Din                             Den                               Day

Nisa, Nacta                 Nost                             Night, Nocturnal

Santa                           Svyat                            Saint, Sanctus/lat/

Gosty                          Gosty                            Gests

Bhuma                        Huma                            Earth, Humus/lat/

Uda                             Vuda                             Water

Agni                            Igni, Ogn                      Ignite, fire

Vata                            Vyatar                           Air

Nabha                          Nebe                             Sky, ether

Manasa                        Mene si, Um                Mind, Mens/lat/

Manyate                       Mnenie                        Opinion

Samsayah                     Samnyava                    Doubt

Nama                            Ime                              Name, Nomen/lat/

Manus                          Manus, Mas                 Man

Martya                          Martva                         Mortal

Mrityu                          Mri, s-Mrt                    Death

Marana                         Morana, Mor               Mor(f)gana/lat/

Jiv                                Jiv                                Living  Being

Eka                               Edno                            One

Dve                               Dve                             Two

Tri                                Tri                                Three

Chatur                          Chetiri                          Four

Pancha                          Pet                                Five

Sad                               Sest                               Six

Saptah                          Sedem                           Seven

Okta                             Osem                             Eight

Nava                             Devet                            Nine

Dasa                              Deset                            Ten


a-, an-                       ex: a-gne, a-sen         ex: anonymous, antipode

/gives the opposite meaning/             not mating, not dark                     apolitical, anorexic/lat/

abh                               n-ablizo                     close

abhasa                          otblyasva                  reflection

abhidasya                     obyasnya                  explain

abhi-deya                      deynost                     activity                      

abhilasita                      bihjelal da                 would like

abhrama                        obramca                    cloudy

acho                              achik                         clever

adh                                n-ad                          on, up-on

adhigacha                     dokacha                    reaching

adi                                adi, aide                    beginning

agneya                         ognena                      fiery

ahara                            hrana                         food

akasmat                        kasmet                      luck

akrosha                        krestya                       crying

aksa, locha                   oko, ocho                  ocular, oculus/lat/

alibhi                            libi, libe                    loving, libidos/lat/

ama                              kaima                        mixter

amaya                          za-, o-maya               illusion

anartha                         anarhiya                    anarchy

anka                             halka, kuka                hook, halsaga/got/

antar                             unutre                       entry, intus/lat/

anti                               antica                        antique, antea/lat/

anna                              hranna                       grain food

anuga                            unuka                        descendant follower

anyatha                         nyakoi                       someone, others

ap                                  op                             operate, operor/lat/

apanna                          otpadnal                    slackened

apasta                            opusto-sen                devastated

arabate                           raboti                        works

archi                              yarci lachi                 arc

ardha                             arda, serda, sreda      middle, half               

arpan                             korban                       sacrifice

a-si                                ti si                            you are

aste                                ostava                       remain

asteya                            sviya                         steal       

asthi                               kosti                         bones         

asubha                           sube                          scared

asun                               sun                            dreamlike life

ata                                 luta                            loiter

atithi                              chestiti                      respected

atma                              as, a-tma                   atom, not matter

audharya                       podarya                     giving present

avara                             avar, po-varna          horrible, vomit

avartina                         zavrastane                 coming back

avish                              ovs(c)a                     sheep 

avrita                             zavita, skrita             covered, hidden

bahavo, bahu                 bahav, baka              has a lot, many

bala                               bal -ar, -kan              big, bolij/sl/

ba-ala                            balama, balak           unexperienced 

bandh                            bandida Goddesss        bond, bondage

bandi                             bandit                        bandit       

barbaran                        varvarin                    barbarian

barbarya                        barborya                   blab-blab

bhaga                             blaga                         opulence

bhagadheya                   blagodayna               auspicious

bhaja                             Boj, obicha, obojava God, love, worship

bhajan                            bha-, o- jan               place of worship                    

bhas                               basta                         enough

bhasa                             basna, obyasnya        tale, explain

bhasati                           bastisva                     destroys

bhasva                           blyasva                      shine

bhata                              bahta, bayat, bitka    battle, fighter

bhatta                             bat, bate, bashta        big, older, father

bhav                               bade                          future

bhava                             u-bava za-bava         nice pastime

bhaya                             boya                          fear

bhita                               bit                              bitten

bhoga                             bogat-stvo, ot Boga  wealth, from God

bhrama                          brakma                      broken

bhramsa                         bramca, bramna        running around

bhri                                breme                       bear

bhru                               bruvi                         brow

bhurja                            breza                         birch

blek                                blea, blekat/sl/         bleat

bul                                  but                           buttock

cand                               candilo                     chandelier, candeo

chadi                              chadi                        smoky

chanch                            chanch                     changable

chara                              chasha                      cup

chari                               shari                         travels, chariot

charu                              char                          charming            

charitam                         char                          character

chattra                             chadar                      umbrella

china                               skina                        chop, scindo/lat/

chit                                  chit-anka, -av, -en    book, inteligence

churika                            chikiika                    small knife

chyava                             shava                       moves

dade                                 dade                         gave

dah                                   dai                           give

daksina                            dyasna, desino/sl/    right, dexter/lat/

damba                             dembo                      arrogant

dana                                 danak                       tax

darcha                              tarcha                       run

darpa                               darpa se, drapnat      proud, puffed up

darsana                            daryava                    mercy

dasa                                  ot-da sa                   dedicate

dasina                              dafina, sluginya       maid servant

deha                                 dreha                       dress, body

dever                               dever                        brother in law

dhari                                darji                         hold

dhava                              davai                        start, run

dhirga                              dirya                        trace

din                                   beden                       poor

dram                                drum                        escape

drave                               zdrave                      health

drdha                               tvrda                        firm, determent

drish                                vish                          see 

drishna                             drazna                     dare

druh                                 duh                          ghost, druj/got/

duhsan                             dusman                    bad man 

dvara                               dveri                        door

dvaya                               dvoen                      double

dvidbha                           na-vijda                   envy

dvija                                dvajdi                       twice

dvigna                             vdigna                     move, rise

edha                                 ed, edan                   fire, consume

esti                                  e                               is, est/lat/, ist/got/

ga, gata, gema                goni, gata, kema       go, gone, walks

gacha                              kacha, tragva            catch, depart

ganti                                goni                         chase

gara                                 gorya                        burn

garv                                gord                          proud

gaya                                gaya, govorya          play, speak

gelo                                 garlo                        throat 

giras                                 glas                         voice

gna                                  po-gna, gnas            gnash, gnaw                    

griha                               grija, gryah               grief, greed

grihna                             grebna                      grist to the mill 

griva                               griva, vrat                 neck

hana, hata                       hakna                        hunt, kill

hara                                 hara, harna               light, nice

harsa                               harca, haresa            enjoyment

harsan                             haresan, haren          desired, nice

hela                                 ela                             please, come

hladini                            hladina, mladini       cool, fresh

hrt                                   grdi, srdce                heart

iccha                               iska                           desire

ima                                 ima                             have0

jad                                   yad                           venom, death

jagan                               jogan                        world, machine

jaganva                            zagazva                    troubled

jaghana                            zazdnik                    back side

jalmah                             calmav, calnat          madman

ja, jana                            jan-am, jena             born, woman

janas                                jeans                        gen, genus/lat/

jam-bala                          balato                       filthy pool

jambha                            zamba, zab               jaws, teeth 

janayati                           zanayati                    generate, genesis

jangha                             jonka                         joint

jnana                               znanie                       gnosis, gnarus/lat/

jnati                                 znatni                        nobility

jajana                               jujana                        beautiful

julana                              lyulya                        swinging

jvara                                jara                            fever

ka                                    koi                             who

kaha                                kaza                           said

kaih                                 koi                             who

kala                                 kalo, kara                  black, kaligo/lat/

kalpa                               kalap                         pattern

kaly                                 kalen, kala-balak      dirty, confusion 

kaka                                kryaka, svraka           crow

kakila                              kukuvitca                  coco

kale                                 kale                           the final line, end

kalevara                          kalevra                      shoe, body

kama                               kumir                        idol

khan                                kan                            king

kap-ha                             skapan, kapka           phlegmatic, liquid

kapola                             kupol, kapa, kube     arch, cap, capital

kapha                              kopito                        hoof 

kara                                 kara                           doing, causing

karma                              karma, karak             pre-destined

ka-raka                            rak                             cancer

karpan                             karpen                       unfortunate

karsan                              krasen, krushen        most beautiful

karsa                                za-karsa, pre-karsa   struggle 

kas                                   kazni, na-kaza          case, punishment

kasa                                 kaslya                       caff

kasara                              esera                         lake

kasmal                             kosmar                      nightmare

katara                               koyto                        who

katha                                s-, pri-, kaska            tail

katil                                  katil                          grim 

kausal                              iz-kusna                   artful

kayoh                              koyo, koe, kakvo      which, what 

kesa                                 kosa                           hair

khan                                kan                            khan emperor

khara                               ma-gare                    ass

kiche                               kiche                         weeds

kina                                 kina                           lifeless, dumb

kinka                               ki(u)nka                    hand or leg

kiyak                               kiyak                         small insignificant

klesha                             klesta, kleta               grasp, cursed    

krama                              kracha                       step                    

kravi                               krav                           blood, creas/lat/

krida                               krada                          greed, thievery

krina                               krinka                        squeeze                           

kripa                               krepya, pod-krepa     mercy, help

kripana                           karpena, s-kapernik   miserable, miser

kritagna                          kritika                        critic  

krura                               kurav                         cruel, crudellis/lat/

kseta                               sheta                          cleanse, work

ksetra                              satra, seriha               place, feild

ksurati                             surti                           ripple

ksinami                           skinami                      rip

kukuta                             kokoska                     hen

kula                                 skola, kul-t, -ak         school, cult-ure

kulalaha                          kolelo                        wheel

kumbha                           kupa                          cup

kuni                                 kuncho                      lame

kusa                                 kusa                           feed

kuta                                 kulna                         curse

kutir                                 kutiya                        box

laghu                               lakat                           small  

laksha                              licha                          symptom

labha                                lapa, lapna                devour, rich

lambha                             lampa                        lamp, labor/lat/

lanchi                               lanci                          ornaments

lasya                                lesna, leniv                lasy

lata                                   lista                           plant

lila                                   lila lileya                   playful love

lipya                                lepi                            link

lubha                               liubya                        lust, lustus/got/

lumpa                              lumpen                      crazy

madan                             meden                       sweet

madhu                             med                           honey

madhu-pa                        meda-pazi pchela           honey bee

maga                               mag-ya, mo-ga          magic, able

mag                                 mog-ast mag-yosnic  great magician

maha                               ot-, za- mah               powerful

maksika                           musica                       a fly

mamsa                             mesa                         meat                

matta                               mattarata                   mad

marda                              mar-tvya, -oder         murder

me                                   me, men                    me, for me

meda                               mejda, megdan          between, media

mishra                             mesha, mish-mash    mixture

mla                                  mlad                          young

mocha                             macha                        torture 

moha                               maka                         distress 

mudha                             muda- v, -en              stupid, slow

mudra                              mudra, - ost              wise, wisdom

mukha                             mucka, mucunka      mouth, face                   

murdha                            mutra                        face

mustika                           mishka                      mouse, mus/lat/

na                                    ne                              no, not

nananda                          nayka                         sister in low

napat                               napast                        nepotism/lat/

nara                                 narod                         people

naraka                             narocen                     worse faith

nasa                                 nos                            nose

nash                                 nishto                        gnash, destruction

nava                                 nova                          new

nava                                 novela                       novel, novus/lat/

nay                                   nay                            the topmost

nayaka                             naiyakya                    most powerful

ni                                      nish, nisko                 low, down

nichani                             nishtojni                    insignificant

nida                                  gnizda                        net 

ni dra                               dreme                         nap

nimagna                           nemotiya                    poverty

ni vritti                             ne varti                      non commercial

odh                                   odi                             go

pa                                     pazi                            guard

pach                                 peche, -no, pacha      cook, -ed, meal

pada                                 peta, sta-pala             food, pedis/lat/

paka                                  peka                          cook

palas                                 palec                         thumb

pankt                                pan                            log                         

pari                                  pokrai, ce pari           around, perimeter

parakiya                           paraskiya                  loose woman

parihas                             prehlas, prihva smyah  burst in laughter

paripanti                          prepani                      impediments

pasha                               opasha                       punishment

pata                                 plat, platno                cloth

patah                                patica, ptica              duck, bird

path                                 pat                             path

pati                                  pazi                            keeps

patir                                 pastir                         pastor

pela                                  poluca                       receive

phalgu                              phalsh                       false

pida                                 beda                           calamity

piya                                 piya                           drink

plava                                plava                         boat, swim

posha                               raz-kosha, pistna      posh, wealth

poshana                           oposkane                   eating

pra-                                  pra-                           pre-

prabudha                         probuda                     awakening

prahlada                          prohlada                    refreshed

praja                                poroi, pokolenie        progeny

prajaya                             proyava                    appears

prakrita                            prikrita                      covered

pranasa                            prahosa                     waist

prapadya                          propada                    fall down

prapitah                            propit                       absorbed

prapya                              propiya, propilya     degrade

prasadam                         prosi-dam prosinec      giving mercy

prata                                pratya                        extend, send

prati-gna                          pati znanie                send answer

prati-vach                        prati vest                   send message

pratistha                           prestij, prestoren       prestige, cunning

prav                                 prav                           righteous

prayasa                            presilva, prasva sa     over endeavour

prestha                             preskapa                   very dear

pricha                               pritcha, pricha/sl/     preach

prisni                                priski                        spots, acme

pritti                                 prista pristava              fall in love

priya                                 priyatel                     friend   

prity                                 priyaten                    pretty

pujita                               pocita                        worship         

pulina                              polyana                     groves, pollen

purana                             po-rana                      old stories 

puri                                  porta                         port, porta/lat/

puru                                 poroi                         a lot, many

purva                               parva                         first

purvak                             parvak                       primeval

puskala                            na puska                    stout

puta                                 putai, chista               put, pure

rabha                                rabota, robiya, rob    work, bond, slave

range                                ringi, ringi raya         playful

rasa                                  rosa                           purest

rat                                     rat                             battle

ratha                                 ka-reta, -rutza          chariot, rata/lat/

rati                                   ratnik, rednik            rainger, solder

rati                                   radi                           affection                        

rava                                 reva                           cry

ritti                                  ritual                          ritual

rochi                                ruchei                        ripple

rodana                             ridaya                        cry

roh                                   ro -i, -ste, -den          grow, born

ruda                                 ridaya                        cry, rudo/lat/

ruddha                             rut-ya, ru-tina            take over

ruddhira                           rujdiva                      roasted

sada, sedyat                     sadai, sedyat             seated

sakha                               sakan, skap, bli-sak  desired, most dear

sakha                               sachka, saku/sl/        branch timber        

sama                                sam                           alone

sama                                samia                        same, similis/lat/

samajasa                          semeystvo                 family

san                                   san                            senator, senex/lat/

sapatnina                         spatnica                     companion

sarpa                                sarp, serpentina        serpent, bent

sat                                    sast-ina                     substance

sauchi                              sivach

sa-nti                                sa te                          they are

scanda                              skandal, skaca          scandal, scande/la

shanti                               shan                           peace

shisho                              shisho                        healthy baby

shruti                               chuti                           heard

shucar                              shopar                       boar

shucha                             sajalya, ucha             sorry, learn

sima                                 zima                          winter

sisya                                 slusa, po-slusen        hears, disciple        

skhala                               skala                         rock

skhalam                            skacam, skakaletz    clime, jump

slok                                   slog                          poetic lines

sma                                   sme                           we are

sma                                  smi                            so happened

smi                                   u-smi-hva                 smile

smriti                                smetni, spomni        smart, remember

sneha                                 nega                         level of love

sodhum                             sdarjan                     sober, solid

sosha                                 susha                        drying            

sphata                               sphatka                     fight

spriha                                sprihav, sprechkva  quarrelsome   

sphurami                           spori mi                   goes nicly

sranta                                kranta                       weak, exhausted

srava                                 slava                         glory

srita                                   skrita                        hidden

sringa                                roga                          horns 

srista                                 sgresa, svarsi tya     mistake, is done

sta                                     ste                            you are

stambha                            stalb, stalba              pillar, stairway  

stha                                   stoya, stabil, staya   stay, stable, room

stha-paka                          u-stoi, u-sta-novi     statute, establish

stha-pati                            u-sta, star, mai-stor founder teacher 

sthan                                 stan                          state

stighna                              stigna                       attain, steya/got/

stotra                                 stih                           stanza

stula                                  tyalo                         stool, body 

sukh                                  suh                           happy

sukha                                suka, za-suka, -na    suck, made, nice 

sukla                                 kukla hubav                     wonderful

suska                                 suha                         dry

sva                                    svoi                          own

svadu                                sladku                      sweet

svara                                 govora                     speak

svasru                               svekarva                  mother in low

svasurah                            svekar                     father in low

svayam                             svoyat                      own

svaste                                svesten                    sane

syama                               syanka                     shadow

taksa                                 tacha                        textile, texere/lat/

tanka                                 tanka                       sharp

tano                                   ten, tyalo                body

tanu                                   tanku, -o                 thin

tapa                                   trupa                       advance             

tarp                                   tarpya                      tolerance

tatha                                 taka                          in this way

taya                                  taya, tya                   she

tera                                   tera, tarsya               search

tilak                                  znak                         sign

titra                                   tatra                         drags

tosha                                 tesha, tishina            pacifies, silence

turya                                  turya                        four- th

trittiya                               tretiya                      third

tyaga                                 tyaga, otteglya         force, withdraws   

ucchah                              k-, t- , olchav           size

uchai                                 ruchai, vikai            shout

uchita, ucha                      uchitel, ucha            teacher, learn

ud                                     ud-gore, ud-prede    on the - top, - front

ugra                                  ugromen, gram        great, fearsome

ujjita                                 ulita                         flies

ukta                                  ukna                         said

upadi                                upada, otpadak         fails, trash

upeta                                 upatya                     direct

urdva                                urva, urdie               up, high

urna                                  runa, vulna              wool, flee

ushno                               dushno lyato            hot summer

uttara                               vtora                         second

uvacha                             izrecha                     pronounce

vach                                 rech                         speech

vaha                                 vozi                         vehicle

vaira                                 vrag                         enemy

valabha                            vlyuben                    beloved

vana                                 van                           woods

vara                                  varna                        give back

varine, var                        varene, vri               boil, water

varja                                 vardya, ot-varna      reject, abandon

varo                                  varo, varha              the top, pick

varsa                                 valya, dashd            rain

vasa                                  vlast, -elin, vasal     power, master

vase                                  vase, vladetel          Your..., master

vast                                   most                        bridge  

vata                                   phata                       capture

vega                                  bega                        velocity

vesa                                   na-ves, ves/sl/         shelter, village                     

vidhu                                viden                        prominent

vidmahe                           vijdame                    we see

vina                                  vina                          gilt

visvat                                svyat                        world

vodhi                                vodi                          lead

vrata                                 vrata, vreka              vow, door

vritti                                 varti                          business

vritha                                vratka                       demanding

vyaya                                otvyana                    useless 

youvan                             youvigi                     young

yuddha                             yuda, yunak              great fighter

yugo                                 igo                            yoke

yusa                                  kusa, jusa/sl/            juice, jus/lat/

yuta                                  yurta, yato                group, flock