Beinsa for Radha

In one of my Sunday lectures I used the word “Rada”, which in Bulgarian language is used as a name as well – Rada. You use this word , you pronounce it , without even knowing what does it mean. It is a Sanskrit word & is spelled: “Radha”. Bulgarian took this word, kicked out the “H” & formed the name “Rada”.
Radha- means the real love, through which one can serve the Lord even in this incarnated life. It also means that principle through which the Divine can manifest in the material world. The letter “A” in this word means activity, active beginning. Radha in Sanskrit language is understood to be the leader of the horo*, which happens under the law of love. Everyone who wants to serve God according to the law of love, must consist in himself the principle of Radha.
I say: The time has come for you to understand the deep meaning of Christ’s principles. If you don’t understand them properly you cannot apply them. If a single principle is applied mechanically it gives no result. Applied in spirit, in meaning it will give at least micro scopical result. For example: if you keep in your mind the negative features & mistakes of others you cannot be joyful.
Now I want to make you think of freedom. You say one must be free. But no one is free, no one lives for himself. Free is the one who has found his place in the cosmos. And so Radha means “serving with love”. Only love can set one free. Do everything with love, but don’t think you do much.
I wish that all the disciples in the school develop inner harmony within themselves, to develop the principle of Radha. He who manifests this principle properly, he has a bright star in the middle of his forehead, which shows that between that person & God a relationship is developed
Big joy has the one with such a star.
And so-first of all you will search your place; & second thing you must develop the principle Radha in your self, for these two things you must work hard.

Beinsa Duno (Petar Dunov) was a worldwide recognised teacher who enthused millions of people to become God-counscious.

He was condemned by the church for his pure preaching.