Expert in music, drama, literature, the science of various kinds of scents and a host of ther arts, the vitas are very happy to serve Lord Krsna in many different ways.

Krsna's Servants

Bhangura, Brngara, Sandhika, Grahila, Raktaka, Patraka, Patri, Madhukantha, Madhuvrata, Salika, Talika, Mali, Mana and Maladhara are the most prominent of Lord Krsna's servants.

These servants carry Krsna's venu and murali flutes, buffalo-horn bugle, stick, rope and other paraphernalia. They also bring the mineral dyes (the cowherd boys use to decorate their bodies).

Betel-nut Servants

Pallva, Mangala, Phulla, Komala, Kapila, Suvilasa, Vilasaksa, Rasala, Rasasali and Jambula are the most important of Lord Krsna's betel-nut servants. They are younger than Krsna and always expert at singing and playing musical instruments. They are younger than Krsna and always stay near Him.

Water Carriers

Payoda and Varida are the most important of the servants engaged in carrying water for Lord Krsna.

Clothing Washers

Saranga and Bakula are the most important of the servants engaged in expertly washing Lord Krsna's laundry.


Premakanda, Mahagandha, Sairindhra, Madhu, Kandala and Makaranda are the most important of the servants constantly engaged in decorating Lord Krsna with various ornaments and clothing.

Servants Who Provide Aromatic Substances

Sumanah, Kusumollasa, Puspahara, Hara and others expertly provide Krsna with various aromatic substances such as flowers, flower ornaments, flower garlands and camphor.

The Napitas

Svaccha, Susila, Praguna and others are engaged in various services, such as caring for the Lord's hair, massaging Him, giving Him a mirror and guarding over His treasury.


Vimala, Komala and others are engaged in various services, such as caring for the Lord's kitchen.

Sobhana, Dipana and other provide lamps for the Lord and Sudhakara, Sudhanada, Sananda and others play the mrdanga for His satisfaction.

Vicitrarava and Madhurarava are the leaders of the talented an virtuous poets who compose prayers glorifying Sri Krsna, while Candrahasa, Induhasa and Candramukha are leaders of the servants who dance for the Lord's satisfaction.

Kalakantha, Sukantha, Sudhakantha, Bharata, Sarada, Vidyavilasa, Sarasa and others are learned in the arts of all kinds of literary composition. They carry their books and papers with them and they are fully aware of all the mellows fo devotional service.

Raucika is the tailor who sews clothes for the Lord. Sumukha, Durlabha, Ranjana and others wash the Lord's laundry.

Punyapunja and Bhagyarasi are the two sweepers who clean the area around Krsna's home.

Rangana and Tankana are goldsmiths who make ornaments for the Lord. Pavana and Karmatha are potters who make drinking vessels and jugs for churning butter.

Vardhaki and Vardhamana are carpenters who serve the Lord by building carts, couches and other objects. Sucitra nd Vicitra are talented artists who paint pictures for the Lord.

Kunda, Kanthola, Karanda and others are craftsmen who make ropes, churning rods, axes, baskets, balances for carrying heavy objects and various other ordinary utensils.