Secret pastime places

The best of all places of Krishna's pastimes is the great garden known as Vrindavana forest. Another important place of the Lord's pastimes is the beautiful and opulent Govardhana Hill. This Hill is very appropriately named for it nourishes (vardhana) Krishna's cows (go) with its grasses.

On Govardhana Hill is the cave known as Manikandali and the river-landing place named Nilamandapika. On the Manasa-ganga river is the famous landing place named Paranga.

The boat named Suvilasatara remains at this Paranga landing place. Another important place is Nandisvara Hill, Krishna's home, where the goddess of fortune is personally present.

On Nandisvara Hill is the splendid white stone house where Krishna grew up. This house is named Amodavardhana because it is always filled with (vardhana) the pleasant fragrance (amoda) of incense and other aromatic substances.

The lake near Krishna's home is named Pavana and on its shore there are many groves where the Lord enjoys pastimes. Also near Krishna's home is the grove named Kama Mahatirtha and the jeweled pathway named Mandara.

The splendid kadamba trees named Kadambaraj and the king of the banyan trees named Bhandira grow in the forest of Vrindavana. On the sandy bank of the Yamuna is the pastime place named Anagaranga-bhu.

On the shore of the Yamuna River is the sacred place known as Khela-tirtha, where Lord Krishna eternally enjoys pastimes with His dearmost Srimati Radharani.