Gopi Messengers

Vrnda, Vrndarika, Mela and Murali are the most important gopi messengers. The gopi messengers expertly know the geograhy of Vrndavana and they intimately know each grove and garden there. They are also learned in the science of gardening.

These exalted gopi messengers are all filled with great love for Sri Sri Radha and Krsna. The gopi messengers are fair complexioned and they dress in colorful garments. Vrnda-devi is the most important among them.

The gopi messengers appointed by Vrnda-devi have the flowering trees of Vrndavana under their jurisdiction. Malika-devi is the leader of these wonderfully blissful gopis. In addition to these two groups of gopi messengers (1. Visakha and 2. the followers of Vrnda-devi), Campakalata-devi is the third of the gopi messengers.

Paurnamasi-devi, Vira-devi, Vrnda-devi, Vamsi-devi, Nandimukhi-devi, Vrndarika-devi, Mela-devi and Murali-devi are the leaders of Krsna's gopi messengers.

Among all these gopi messengers Vrnda-devi is the best. She is expert at arranging the meeting of Radha and Krsna and she is fully conversant with the geography of Vrndavana, knowing the best places for the divine couple's rendezvous.