General description of All The Friends

The well-wishing friends include Krsna's cousins: Subhadra, Kundala, Dandi and Mandala. Sunandana, Nandi, Anandi and others who accompany Krsna as He herds the cows and calves in Vrndavana forest are also well-wishing friends.

Also included among the well-wishing friends are Subhadra, Mandalibhadra, Bhadravardhana, Gobhata, Yaksendra, Bhata, Bhadranga, Virabhadra, Mahaguna, Kulavira, Mahabhima, Divyasakti, Suraprabha, Ranasthira and others. These well-wishing friends are older than Krsna and they try to protect Him from any danger.

Krsna's parents love their son very dearly. They consider Him many millions of times more important than their own life's breath. Very frightened that the demon Kamsa would harm their son, they engaged these well-wishing friends (suhrt) to protect Him. The leader of these well-wishing friends is a boy named Vijayaksa, whose mother, Ambika-devi, was Krsna's nurse. Ambika-devi worshiped goddess Parvati and performed great austerities to get a powerful son who could protect Krsna.

Visala, Vrsabha, Ojasvi, Devaprastha, Varuthapa, Mandara, Kusumapida, Manibandhakara, Mandara, Candana, Kunda, Kalindi, Kulika and many others are included in the group of Krsna's ordinary friends (sakha). These friends are younger than Krsna and are always eager to serve Him.

Krsna's confidential friends are Sridama, Sudama, Dama, Vasudama, Kinkini, Bhadrasena, Amsu, Stokakrsna, Vilasi, Pundarika, Vitankaksa, Kalavinka and Priyaskara. These friends are the same age of Krsna. Their leader is Sridama, who is also known as Pithamardaka.

Bhadrasena is the general who leads Krsna's childhood friends in military pastimes. Stokakrsna is very appropriately named, for he is just like a small (stoka) Krsna.

These confidential friends (priya-sakha) delights Lord Krsna with their enthusiastic and jubliant wrestling, stick-fighting and other sports.

These confidential friends are all very peaceful by nature. Each of them considers Lord Krsna equal to his own life's breath.

Subala, Arjuna, Gandharva, Vasanta, Ujjvala, Kokila, Sanandana and Vidagdha are the most important of Krsna's intimate friends.

Krsna keeps no secrets from these intimate friends. Among them Madhumangala, Puspanka and Hasanka are the leaders of those fond of joking. Handsome Sanandana is very pleased by his close friendship with Krsna and splendid Ujjvala appears like the personified ruler of all transcendental mellows. Lord Krsna, the crest jewel of playful boys, is submissive to His dear friend Ujjvala.